Happy the Birthday!

The celebration looks a little different this year, but I, for one, am thankful for the quiet day. I’m so in love with these kids and so unspeakably thankful that I get to love them and be loved by them. Happy 11th to Ian, and happy 9th to Clara.

Christmas Jams

December 24

December 15

Making music. And, yes, I already asked him if he is even kidding me with how OLD he looks in this photo. I assure you he is not actually fifteen but rather ten years old (for another two weeks).

December 7

Making some sort of Star Wars blaster. Sigh. Did they ask to use the hacksaw? They did not. But I am ever wanting them to learn to use tools and make things in the real world. So what to do? I gave them the lecture about how we don’t want to go to the emergency […]

December 1

Making ornaments. || We dried orange slices to make ornaments today. The goggles were so no juice would squirt in their eyes. Not pictured real life: Ian’s sliced finger (he’s ok), burned orange slices (about half are ok).

December 4

Ian finally got his reward for completing his BrainQuest workbook this summer. And he’s very serious about it.

December 21

This kid is always up for helping me wrap gifts.

December 15

It was a five-stitches-in-the-head kind of a day. Ian and a buddy were enjoying the beautiful day by playing tag on a playground. Somehow the two collided, and Ian ended up with a deep cut and his friend with quite the toothache. Poor dudes. Ian was brave, and so was I (heads bleed a lot; […]

December 3

I call this one What It’s Like to Have a Brother.¬†Snow shoveling photoshoot inspired today by Rebecca.¬†