Happy the Birthday!

The celebration looks a little different this year, but I, for one, am thankful for the quiet day. I’m so in love with these kids and so unspeakably thankful that I get to love them and be loved by them. Happy 11th to Ian, and happy 9th to Clara.

Christmas Jams

December 20

So much making happening today.

December 13

Making a snow angel.

December 5

Today was a tough day for the DPP. We made stuff, but the pics I took of the making aren’t my favorite pics of the day. So, do I choose the photo I like best, or do I choose the photo that fits my self-imposed theme best? I went with one of Clara, currently my […]

December 3

Making (more) ornaments, this time with pipe cleaners and Borax.

December 1

Making ornaments. || We dried orange slices to make ornaments today. The goggles were so no juice would squirt in their eyes. Not pictured real life: Ian’s sliced finger (he’s ok), burned orange slices (about half are ok).

December 2

Claragirl in the light.

December 19

Today the first graders made gingerbread houses. It’s fun to see how the kids’ different personalities play out in what they create. Some are nice and neat with color schemes and whatnot. Others are chaotic like the candy factory exploded. My favorite thing today was that when Clara finished her gingerbread house, she proceeded to […]

December 13

I am all kinds of behind the ball this year. We’re just rolling with it. I didn’t get the saffron buns┬ámade in time for a morning celebration of St. Lucia’s Day, so Clara helped me make them after school.