December 8

On the must-do list every Christmas is making a(t least one) batch of my Grandma Johnson’s ginger cookies. This year the kids made them all on their own. Pretty cool.  

December 4

Making cookies. And, yes, I do have some sweet ones that make it look like it was all Christmas music and teamwork, but this one captures more what it was mostly like. Surly almost-teen? Check! (I do have his permission to post this.) Jokester threatening to lick the powdered sugar? Check! (As far as I […]

December 1

Making ornaments. || We dried orange slices to make ornaments today. The goggles were so no juice would squirt in their eyes. Not pictured real life: Ian’s sliced finger (he’s ok), burned orange slices (about half are ok).

December 4

We love to watch The Great British Baking Show, especially this time of year. Today we tried a technical bake challenge (recipe and directions for marbling the frosting here). I mean, it’s baking with kids, so of course there were tense moments and lots of mess. And Clara came in third; there were tears. But overall […]