December 24

December 23

Guys. I have been wrapping presents for two days straight. My dining room table is a fright, and I have blisters from the glue gun on both my thumbs. But I’m chuffed, as the Brits would say, at how the packages turned out. I am obsessed with making these felt birds (patterns from Downeast Thunder […]

December 22

The making continues, though I’m running low on ideas for pictures. There are only so many pictures I can take of the kids at the kitchen counter or dining room table, head bent in concentration. Ya know?

December 20

So much making happening today.

December 18

We studied birds earlier this year, and we have all become pretty big bird nerds. We took a ride to a lake near Fremont and saw red-tailed hawks, cedar waxwings, cardinals, robins, juncos, blue jays, northern flickers, downy woodpeckers, and chickadees. Yesterday, we didn’t see any of those, but we did see a bald eagle, […]

December 17

Took a little walk by the lake.

December 16

My parents. My sister and I are both homeschooling our kids this year, and my sweet parents decided to make us teacher gifts for Christmas. 💗💗💗 And, of course, they didn’t make just one normal size tin of homemade treats. No, this is my mom, so I got three tins (because I have three kids, […]

December 15

Making music. And, yes, I already asked him if he is even kidding me with how OLD he looks in this photo. I assure you he is not actually fifteen but rather ten years old (for another two weeks).

December 14

Making memories.

December 13

Making a snow angel.