Christmas Jams

December 18

We studied birds earlier this year, and we have all become pretty big bird nerds. We took a ride to a lake near Fremont and saw red-tailed hawks, cedar waxwings, cardinals, robins, juncos, blue jays, northern flickers, downy woodpeckers, and chickadees. Yesterday, we didn’t see any of those, but we did see a bald eagle, […]

December 17

Took a little walk by the lake.

December 12

Simon made a fort in the front yard. And then he very graciously agreed to pose for my picture. He wore flip flops outside (and no coat) and then tossed them aside to get them out of the photo (his choice, not mine), so then he had to walk barefoot in the snow to retrieve […]

December 7

Making some sort of Star Wars blaster. Sigh. Did they ask to use the hacksaw? They did not. But I am ever wanting them to learn to use tools and make things in the real world. So what to do? I gave them the lecture about how we don’t want to go to the emergency […]

December 2

Making a Fire || For a while now, I have been hesitant and uninspired to take photos. I have been buzzing with ideas for other projects, though, so I’m tricking myself into picking up my camera by adding a theme to the December Photo Project this year: I’ll be documenting the things we make. (And […]

December 1

I don’t know that it’s ever happened before that I literally have not posted one thing since last year’s DPP. Well…here we are. Poor neglected blog will get some fresh content for the next twenty-four days in a row. I’m looking forward to it.    

December 18

December 14

This is gonna be epic!

December 3

I call this one What It’s Like to Have a Brother.¬†Snow shoveling photoshoot inspired today by Rebecca.¬†