Christmas Jams

December 8

On the must-do list every Christmas is making a(t least one) batch of my Grandma Johnson’s ginger cookies. This year the kids made them all on their own. Pretty cool.  

December 4

Making cookies. And, yes, I do have some sweet ones that make it look like it was all Christmas music and teamwork, but this one captures more what it was mostly like. Surly almost-teen? Check! (I do have his permission to post this.) Jokester threatening to lick the powdered sugar? Check! (As far as I […]

December 6

Our elementary school’s sweet therapy dog, Bear, tore his ACL and had to have a costly surgery. A friend let the local news station know, and then the kids ended up on the 10 o’clock news. What a day.


December 23

I was talking with a friend last week who said that the kids’ Christmas program is one of the things she most looks forward to every Christmas season. I absolutely agree. Maybe I feel this every year, but this morning’s felt especially sweet. By the time the service started, I had already teared up a […]

December 19

Today the first graders made gingerbread houses. It’s fun to see how the kids’ different personalities play out in what they create. Some are nice and neat with color schemes and whatnot. Others are chaotic like the candy factory exploded. My favorite thing today was that when Clara finished her gingerbread house, she proceeded to […]

December 16

When I think about the must-dos for the Christmas season, making a batch (or three) of my Grandma Johnson’s ginger snaps always, always makes the list.

December 14

This is gonna be epic!

December 7

It’s Friday, and it’s been a rather long week. We all needed a little fresh air after school, so we headed out to Holmes Lake to throw some ice on the ice.