Happy the Birthday!

The celebration looks a little different this year, but I, for one, am thankful for the quiet day. I’m so in love with these kids and so unspeakably thankful that I get to love them and be loved by them. Happy 11th to Ian, and happy 9th to Clara.

Christmas Jams

December 16

My parents. My sister and I are both homeschooling our kids this year, and my sweet parents decided to make us teacher gifts for Christmas. 💗💗💗 And, of course, they didn’t make just one normal size tin of homemade treats. No, this is my mom, so I got three tins (because I have three kids, […]

December 6

Making a trade. It’s been a while since we’ve played Settlers, but it’s one of our favorite games and a fabulous way to spend a Sunday afternoon.


December 18

December 17

I heard some good advice today (from the Lazy Genius, of course): when it’s a busy week, make (or buy) food that makes you feel like yourself. Well, I certainly did do that today: I picked two recipes that I’ve never tried before, both of which looked fairly straightforward, but both of which also tricked […]

December 16

When I think about the must-dos for the Christmas season, making a batch (or three) of my Grandma Johnson’s ginger snaps always, always makes the list.

December 10

An epic pre-dinner battle.

December 5

If I were to make a Venn diagram of my kids and the choices they made without asking me this morning, the circles would overlap for Ian and Clara reading books and for Clara and Simon eating cookies for breakfast. And I think all of that is nothing but winning: Ian, Clara, Simon? Win! Win! […]