December 22

Ian spiked a high fever last night, and we ended up calling our pediatrician’s night hotline. He’s been on antibiotics, but because he had the stitches a week ago, the nurse suggested he be seen this morning. The good news is there was no infection in his sutures (in fact, he got them out while […]

December 17

I heard some good advice today (from the Lazy Genius, of course): when it’s a busy week, make (or buy) food that makes you feel like yourself. Well, I certainly did do that today: I picked two recipes that I’ve never tried before, both of which looked fairly straightforward, but both of which also tricked […]


We spent our last day of summer with dear friends at the Lauritzen Gardens. It was delightful and lovely until the last ten minutes or so when everybody (moms included) hit their limit at the same time–hot and hangry, all of us. My boys were also sorely disappointed to learn that they couldn’t actually keep […]

Just a Few Reminders to Myself

So today I attempted to arm-knit a 30-minute infinity scarf. I actually didn’t initially find the project on Pinterest. Rather, my real-life cousins were making them at our Christmas family gathering this year. I wanted to join in, but it seemed important at the time to teach the boys to play Yahtzee. I asked for […]