December 10

This family has my heart. We were able to squeeze in a quick shoot in the very last hour of the last day of the beautiful weather we’ve been having. I didn’t take any other photos this day, so this outtake will have to do. (I hope to do a post after Christmas of my […]

December 20

We went driving to look at Christmas lights tonight, and then my family voted on which picture I should choose for the DPP. Artsy no. 2 edged out Artsy no. 1 and Straightforward.

December 2

📷: Fields Maranville, age 3 This afternoon River tried to teach Simon and me to play Risk. Let’s just say Simon and I could both use some practice. At one point when I forgot to do a key part of the game (one that would have given me “lots of guys”), I teased Riv that […]

These Days


Where the Green Things Are

I got a text the other day: “I am insanely desperate for green things. Wanna drive to a greenhouse with me? I want to shoot green things.” I joked on Instagram that Rebecca had me at “I am insane,” but I actually didn’t know how much I, too, craved green and warmth. The truth, though, […]

Ice Day

No school, blue skies, and melting ice. The kids and I ventured out into the magic. The soundtrack of dripping water and gently cracking ice, punctuated by exclamations of wonder,* was sublime. (*Soundtrack also featured fighting siblings, let’s be real.)


As far as I can tell, the whole town is blanketed in ice. I can only confirm this as far as my own yard, though, for that’s as far as I was willing to venture today. An ice storm, of course, is a photographer’s dream, but today I was more thankful for my senses than […]

December Photo Project 2016

And just like that another December Photo Project is in the books. I enjoyed my return to posting after such a long, long hiatus. Over the next few weeks, I’ll post some of the shots I loved that just didn’t make the cut for photo of the day. For now, here’s my DPP 2016 all […]

December 12

This morning we painted ourselves silly while Jason, in Clara’s words, “painted the basement silly.” My favorite moment (among many good ones) was when Clara not-so-gently reminded me to put the camera down because I had offered to hold her cat still while she painted. I said, “Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot to do my job.” […]

December 7

No, the little daydreamer did not make the shot.