December 12

Simon made a fort in the front yard. And then he very graciously agreed to pose for my picture. He wore flip flops outside (and no coat) and then tossed them aside to get them out of the photo (his choice, not mine), so then he had to walk barefoot in the snow to retrieve […]

December 11

Today we made these sweet little snow globes. I only superglued my fingers to one thing. I’ll take that as a win.

December 10

This family has my heart. We were able to squeeze in a quick shoot in the very last hour of the last day of the beautiful weather we’ve been having. I didn’t take any other photos this day, so this outtake will have to do. (I hope to do a post after Christmas of my […]

December 9

One of our very favorite parts of every week is an outdoor adventure with this crew. This week we discovered the Frank Shoemaker Marsh north of Lincoln (out 27th Street to Bluff Road), and it was a great find. Ian was skeptical: within the first five minutes, he asked, “If this isn’t fun can we […]

December 8

On the must-do list every Christmas is making a(t least one) batch of my Grandma Johnson’s ginger cookies. This year the kids made them all on their own. Pretty cool.  

December 7

Making some sort of Star Wars blaster. Sigh. Did they ask to use the hacksaw? They did not. But I am ever wanting them to learn to use tools and make things in the real world. So what to do? I gave them the lecture about how we don’t want to go to the emergency […]

December 6

Making a trade. It’s been a while since we’ve played Settlers, but it’s one of our favorite games and a fabulous way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

December 5

Today was a tough day for the DPP. We made stuff, but the pics I took of the making aren’t my favorite pics of the day. So, do I choose the photo I like best, or do I choose the photo that fits my self-imposed theme best? I went with one of Clara, currently my […]

December 4

Making cookies. And, yes, I do have some sweet ones that make it look like it was all Christmas music and teamwork, but this one captures more what it was mostly like. Surly almost-teen? Check! (I do have his permission to post this.) Jokester threatening to lick the powdered sugar? Check! (As far as I […]

December 3

Making (more) ornaments, this time with pipe cleaners and Borax.