December 15

It was a five-stitches-in-the-head kind of a day. Ian and a buddy were enjoying the beautiful day by playing tag on a playground. Somehow the two collided, and Ian ended up with a deep cut and his friend with quite the toothache. Poor dudes. Ian was brave, and so was I (heads bleed a lot; I had to sit down). A few hours later and we’re probably a little more tired than we expected to be today, but all is well.


I had a daughter get a head wound and I was too chicken to look at it, just threw a wet towel on it, drove 25 miles to the ER and when they got through the hair to the cut wouldn’t put any stitches in it, maybe 1/4″ if that. But there was lots of blood. :) Felt pretty stupid over that one.

Oh no! Poor buddy! Get well soon!!