Rosemary after the Rain

Japanese Maple

We had a Japanese Maple at the Grand that I loved to photograph. I never had thought of myself as having a favorite tree, but of course that was my favorite. We bought our new house in January, and we had no idea what kind of landscaping we would find, since we do not know […]

Stars to Greet the New Year

I think this may be my favorite project ever, partly because it turned out almost exactly as I pictured it, but mostly because it was a true collaboration with the whole family. Ian in particular likes to watch the spinning stars and ask, “Who made this one?” I can sometimes tell, and sometimes not. The […]

A Map of the World

This past weekend I painted a mural — a map of the world — on the wall in the boys’ bedroom. The whole room isn’t done yet, but I’m really happy with how the map turned out and I didn’t want to wait to share until I have the room all styled and staged. The […]

How Does Your Garden Grow?

  While most of our backyard is pretty heavily shaded all day long (perfect for us), we do have a small, sunny garden spot on the side of the house. We’ve been enjoying strawberries for the past couple of weeks, and today we decided to add a few more things we like. Last year at […]

In Your Neighborhood

Although I am over-the-moon excited to be moving to our new house in just under six weeks, I am also starting to feel the bittersweetness of leaving this home, where I have lived now for ten years (minus ten days). Today was one of the best days in recent memory, and the old neighborhood did […]

These Days: Kitchen Helpers

This morning we made granola for Simon’s teachers. The kids like to help. I like peace. We had to do a little negotiating to make both of those things happen today.