Champagne Breakfast 2014

I got a text this evening from a friend saying, “This morning was so good. It blessed my tender, tears-at-the-ready soul.” She was referring to Champagne Breakfast, and though the words are hers, I am shamelessly stealing them because they speak my heart as well. Brunch on New Year’s Day with a handful of friends […]

Stars to Greet the New Year

I think this may be my favorite project ever, partly because it turned out almost exactly as I pictured it, but mostly because it was a true collaboration with the whole family. Ian in particular likes to watch the spinning stars and ask, “Who made this one?” I can sometimes tell, and sometimes not. The […]

Champagne Breakfast 2013

Years ago, when I lived with Brook, Joie, and Charity, we started the tradition of Champagne Breakfast — a brunch on New Year’s Day with the roommates and a couple of other friends who, while not literal roommates, were practically so. Those breakfasts (held maybe three or four years in a row) were long, Kleenex-filled […]