Cloud Collecting

A car conversation earlier today: Me: Seriously, I just can’t get over the clouds today. They are incredible. Simon: I call them “weaving clouds” because look how they go together. I put them in my cloud collection. Me: Where do you keep your cloud collection, buddy?* Simon: In my brain! Where else? I also call […]

These Days



Places We Go: Hiking by the Platte

For Mother’s Day this year we had a chance to revisit the hiking trails along the Platte River near my parent’s house. The last time we went was almost four years ago, and well, it could have been better (and it could have been worse). This time was great. We underestimated our boys’ attention span […]

Ing: First Day of Summer Vacation Edition

I came across this guy on my walk this morning. I’m thinking of him as a good sign, a harbinger of slow days to come, a summer mascot. Making a summer to-do list with the kids. It includes sleeping in a tent in the back yard and seeing bears, but I’m hoping we don’t get […]

For the Birds (and for Mommy)

Yesterday my dad and the boys made me the best Mother’s Day gift. The final product is a bird feeder (specifically, it’s made to attract Baltimore Orioles, which is my mom’s favorite bird), and of course I love it. But if you know me you can guess that what I loved the best was watching […]