December 12

Today I made doll clothes, bone broth, and dinner. Don’t be too impressed. I had help.

December 11

And now we’ve entered a new season and a new sport. Today was Simon’s first basketball game. I love to watch him play, of course, and I also so enjoy the camaraderie of the parents cheering the kids on. Today we were surrounded mostly by fans for our team, but there was one woman behind […]

December 24

We awoke to a winter wonderland this morning. I hadn’t even considered the possibility of a white Christmas. What a treat! The kids had an absolute blast playing in the snow–jumping, making snow angels (not Clara’s favorite), catching snowflakes (Simon and Ian both posed for the camera, but Clara did it on her own without […]

December 8

We (and by “we” I mean everyone, but especially Simon and me) have lately been obsessed with the Great British Baking Show (season 1 is available on Netflix and I’m hoping season 2 will still be available for a while longer on Thoroughly charmed and inspired by the Brits, we tried our hand at a […]


Last night we went to the UNL marching band’s band camp exhibition.  Ian and I were looking through photos this morning, and when we came to this one he asked, “Why does the whole marching band look blurry? They didn’t look blurry to me when we were there.”


Look at my bike! It’s filthy! That’s just how it’s supposed to be. — a very happy boy I accidentally started a new photo series over on Instagram, and I think I’ll continue. A pic a day all summer long. #moreheadssummer

The Haircut Saga

So Clara got her first haircut today, and while all’s well that ends well (and, oh my goodness, the cuteness! this ended well), the beginning of the story was full of drama. The story of our three-year-old daughter’s first haircut began late Sunday afternoon. I noticed on the way to church that Clara’s hair looked […]

December 23

I was going to dump this picture because, you know, the kids are blurry and dark and whatever. But then I realized how (accidentally) funny it is (right after this, we had a talk about no more running in the museum). My poor kids. I don’t think that little railing is going to hold the […]

December 21

On this shortest day of the year we had fun playing with light. It started with the boys using the flashlight on my phone to make sure one of Jason’s gifts was snoop-proofed. Ian realized shining the light through a tube created an interesting pattern on the wall. He then set up the flashlight to […]

December 19

The boys both had fevers as of dinnertime last night, so no school for either of them today — to put a positive spin on it, we got to extend Christmas break by two days (Simon was out yesterday too). So, what do you do when all three kids are kind of/not really/but actually kind […]