December 21

On this shortest day of the year we had fun playing with light. It started with the boys using the flashlight on my phone to make sure one of Jason’s gifts was snoop-proofed. Ian realized shining the light through a tube created an interesting pattern on the wall. He then set up the flashlight to […]

December 19

The boys both had fevers as of dinnertime last night, so no school for either of them today — to put a positive spin on it, we got to extend Christmas break by two days (Simon was out yesterday too). So, what do you do when all three kids are kind of/not really/but actually kind […]

December 15

Clara and her cousin Colton (also age 2) don’t always get along when they’re together, but they love each other something fierce. (Kind of like their mommies, I guess.) When they talk on the phone it’s mostly “Hi, Twawa!” “Hi, Toe-ton!” (repeat seven or eight times). Tonight Clara wanted to know if Colton liked her […]

December 14

Tonight was the children’s Christmas program at Redeemer, and it was kind of magical. The kiddos were costumed this year — big kids were shepherds and angels and littler kids were animals — which amped up the cute factor to a level you wouldn’t have believed possible. Everyone assembled their own costumes, and they were […]

December 12

Ian’s school Christmas program was standing room only tonight. DPP pics from past years: 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

December 10

I bought a package of one hundred basket coffee filters, and it might be the best 87 cents I’ve spent in a while. Suddenly my world is full of snowflakes — snowflakes during Clara’s naptime, snowflakes after school, snowflakes taped to the windows, snowflake crumbs to sweep off the ground. I’m loving how excited the […]

A Day at Joie’s Farm

My dear friend Joie is spending the summer as an intern at Prairie Whole Farm in Ida Grove, Iowa. The kids and I visited yesterday, and I don’t have words to describe what a terrific day we had. We came home dirty (so dirty) and exhausted (in the best way), our heads and hearts full […]

These Days

Cloud Collecting

A car conversation earlier today: Me: Seriously, I just can’t get over the clouds today. They are incredible. Simon: I call them “weaving clouds” because look how they go together. I put them in my cloud collection. Me: Where do you keep your cloud collection, buddy?* Simon: In my brain! Where else? I also call […]

These Days