December 18

Since the Redeemer Christmas program got frozen out last night, the preschoolers* sang their songs (along with the most darling actions) during the service and the older kids gave their performance right after the service. My favorite line from a Christmas carol (“God and sinners reconciled” from “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing”) was also the […]

December 7

When we are waiting for the boys in the carpool line, Clara likes to take my order. It’s really quite a place–she’s got about anything you can think of on the menu, served up with a smile and a “Sure! Comin’ right up!” Today I chose seven tacos because apparently the contraption she’s looking at […]

December 5

Clara: Mommy! Can I sort all these buttons into colors? Me: Sure, babe. Go for it. [A few minutes later] Clara: I’m going to sort them by shapes instead. [A beat] Clara: So mostly circles. [A moment later] Clara: Did you get all [the pictures] you need? Cause I’m just going to put these back […]

December 1

It’s that time of year again that the long-neglected blog gets a fresh pic every single day. Oh how we all love the December Photo Project! Lately all the kids, but Clara especially, have been asking Jason and me to tell them funny stories about themselves when they were babies (or littler kids than they […]

Clara’s First Ballet Recital

Clara measures her weeks by Thursdays. Is it Thursday? How many days until Thursday? Okay, so Tuesday, Wednesday, then Thursday? Thursdays are when she has dance class with Joie. We are so thankful for our beloved friend who has built a joyful and loving community, thankful that she pours her giant heart and considerable talents […]

December 24

We awoke to a winter wonderland this morning. I hadn’t even considered the possibility of a white Christmas. What a treat! The kids had an absolute blast playing in the snow–jumping, making snow angels (not Clara’s favorite), catching snowflakes (Simon and Ian both posed for the camera, but Clara did it on her own without […]

December 23

Usually we do new jammies, a ride to look at the Christmas lights, and a special meal of tempura on Christmas Eve, but this year we opted for a saner option and did those three things on Christmas Eve Eve (don’t worry, we have plenty of traditions to carry us through tomorrow as well). After […]

December 15

Ian came home from school yesterday with a bad stomach ache. Clara, ever with an opinion, helpfully instructed him, “Now, Ian, if you feel like you have to frow up, you just go to the baffroom and put your mouth over the toilet.” Her advice eventually came in handy, so he is home from school […]

December 14

Even though it’s not logical since it is the middle of December, I was surprised by the weekend’s rain and the overnight snow. I guess I was expecting last week’s sixty-degree weather to just go on. Call me an optimist.

December 12

This morning we painted ourselves silly¬†while Jason, in Clara’s words, “painted the basement silly.” My favorite moment (among many good ones) was when Clara not-so-gently reminded me to put the camera down because I had offered to hold her cat still while she painted. I said, “Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot to do my job.” […]