December 14

Even though it’s not logical since it is the middle of December, I was surprised by the weekend’s rain and the overnight snow. I guess I was expecting last week’s sixty-degree weather to just go on. Call me an optimist.

December 12

This morning we painted ourselves silly¬†while Jason, in Clara’s words, “painted the basement silly.” My favorite moment (among many good ones) was when Clara not-so-gently reminded me to put the camera down because I had offered to hold her cat still while she painted. I said, “Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot to do my job.” […]

December 9

This morning before Bible study Clara needed a little extra time before going to the nursery, so she and I tagged along to the sanctuary to listen to our friends rehearse a song for Sunday. I could tell Clara was digging it because she kept nuzzling closer to me and every few seconds she would […]

December 2

Our Christmas tree fell right over yesterday. A loud crash, water and pine needles everywhere, and a few broken ornaments (including Ian’s faaaaaaavorite), but no one was hurt. And even better no one yelled or snapped at anyone else in the chaos of putting it all right again. We’re taking it a little slower this […]

This Girl

It’s been one of those nights when looking through old pictures of the kids makes me want to go and wake them up long after they’ve gone to bed and squeeze them tight. This one’s from almost exactly a year ago.

The Haircut Saga

So Clara got her first haircut today, and while all’s well that ends well (and, oh my goodness, the cuteness! this ended well), the beginning of the story was full of drama. The story of our three-year-old daughter’s first haircut began late Sunday afternoon. I noticed on the way to church that Clara’s hair looked […]

Happy the Birthday!

Around here, December 28 is called “the Birthday” (definite article, capital B) because it is both Ian’s birthday and Clara’s. Ian turned 5 today, and Clara turned 3. It was a happy one indeed. These are some of my favorite shots from the day, but I realize that this little collection is hardly representative of […]

December 22

Today was a busy day. So busy. I’m glad, though, that I could take a little break with this nugget and watch her “tricks,” which mostly were “pinning” and “hi-ya”-ing. “Should I pin one mo time? You want me to hi-ya? You want me to pin? One mo time? Hi-ya!” And so on. DPP pics […]

December 18

Poor little peanut has a wicked cold, and I actually ended up taking her to the doc today. We passed the time taking pictures in the mirror. As I review this photo, I’m realizing it probably wasn’t the best idea I’ve ever had to let my toddler–whom I have taken in because I suspect pinkeye–put […]

December 15

Clara and her cousin Colton (also age 2) don’t always get along when they’re together, but they love each other something fierce. (Kind of like their mommies, I guess.) When they talk on the phone it’s mostly “Hi, Twawa!” “Hi, Toe-ton!” (repeat seven or eight times). Tonight Clara wanted to know if Colton liked her […]