Where the Green Things Are

I got a text the other day: “I am insanely desperate for green things. Wanna drive to a greenhouse with me? I want to shoot green things.” I joked on Instagram that Rebecca had me at “I am insane,” but I actually didn’t know how much I, too, craved green and warmth. The truth, though, […]

Ice Day

No school, blue skies, and melting ice. The kids and I ventured out into the magic. The soundtrack of dripping water and gently cracking ice, punctuated by exclamations of wonder,* was sublime. (*Soundtrack also featured fighting siblings, let’s be real.)


As far as I can tell, the whole town is blanketed in ice. I can only confirm this as far as my own yard, though, for that’s as far as I was willing to venture today. An ice storm, of course, is a photographer’s dream, but today I was more thankful for my senses than […]

December Photo Project 2016

And just like that another December Photo Project is in the books. I enjoyed my return to posting after such a long, long hiatus. Over the next few weeks, I’ll post some of the shots I loved that just didn’t make the cut for photo of the day. For now, here’s my DPP 2016 all […]

December 12

This morning we painted ourselves silly while Jason, in Clara’s words, “painted the basement silly.” My favorite moment (among many good ones) was when Clara not-so-gently reminded me to put the camera down because I had offered to hold her cat still while she painted. I said, “Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot to do my job.” […]

December 7

No, the little daydreamer did not make the shot.

December 6

Ian is a well-known introvert. Most mornings he wisely spends a bit of time in his own little world before joining the larger one.

December 4

Our church’s children put on one seriously great Christmas pageant tonight.* Last night was the dress rehearsal, and I think I got most of my tears out then. Not all, though. Advent never fails to capture my imagination, and pair it with kids that I love, it’s almost too much. Put those kids in costume […]

December 3

Clara’s favorite thing by far these days is dance class. Dance class is on Thursday mornings, but Clara begins each day (with very few exceptions) asking, “What day is today? Is today Thoorsday? How many more days until I have dance class?” Today marked the last day in a session, so these precious three- and […]

December 2

Our Christmas tree fell right over yesterday. A loud crash, water and pine needles everywhere, and a few broken ornaments (including Ian’s faaaaaaavorite), but no one was hurt. And even better no one yelled or snapped at anyone else in the chaos of putting it all right again. We’re taking it a little slower this […]