December 23

I was talking with a friend last week who said that the kids’ Christmas program is one of the things she most looks forward to every Christmas season. I absolutely agree. Maybe I feel this every year, but this morning’s felt especially sweet. By the time the service started, I had already teared up a […]

December 12

So, yeah, it didn’t stay this quiet. At all. 😝 (I’m fine with that.)

December 8

Book club mornings are some of my favorite mornings–because books, but even more so because book club friends are some of my favorite people.

December 2

📷: Fields Maranville, age 3 This afternoon River tried to teach Simon and me to play Risk. Let’s just say Simon and I could both use some practice. At one point when I forgot to do a key part of the game (one that would have given me “lots of guys”), I teased Riv that […]

Where the Green Things Are

I got a text the other day: “I am insanely desperate for green things. Wanna drive to a greenhouse with me? I want to shoot green things.” I joked on Instagram that Rebecca had me at “I am insane,” but I actually didn’t know how much I, too, craved green and warmth. The truth, though, […]

December 24

The other night at our life group dinner, we were swapping stories of church Christmas programs past. Every year we hope that there are at least a couple of nose pickers, wavers, belly-showers, and neighbor-pokers, even if they are our own. Beyond the sheer cuteness, though, it always is something special to hear the stories […]

December 22

My twice-weekly morning coffee date–worth every minute of getting out of bed at 6 am (okay, 6:18, let’s be honest). I love the human the most, but the dog faces are dear to me too and the coffee is always top drawer. DPP pics from past years (2006-11 lost to the ether), 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

December 19

Simon had his first chorus concert tonight. Along with more than a hundred other fourth and fifth graders, he’s been practicing once a week before school. The concert was really well done, and I enjoyed it immensely. I also had an unexpected bit of nostalgia as I realized that one of my elementary school Christmas […]

December 16

Kids fascinate me. No matter where we go, they either find friends or make new ones fast, but rarely are they content to play alone when there is anyone about their age around. This morning at Simon’s last indoor soccer game, Ian found a buddy from his class (and his soccer team) and they included in […]

December 15

There are a lot of reasons to stay in the van for after school pickup (some better than others): too cold, too hot, too lazy, too introverted, too late. But here’s what’s also true:  Friends are the best, and I’m never sorry when I get out of the van. Human connection! Adult conversation! Fresh air […]