December 21

Winter solstice. Christmas star. We ventured out to Holmes Lake this evening to catch a glimpse of this once-in-a-lifetime celestial sight. I was surprised–though, of course, I shouldn’t have been–at the number of people scattered on the hillside (all socially distanced) to see the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter. It felt really special to share […]

December 23

I was talking with a friend last week who said that the kids’ Christmas program is one of the things she most looks forward to every Christmas season. I absolutely agree. Maybe I feel this every year, but this morning’s felt especially sweet. By the time the service started, I had already teared up a […]

December 9

A few years ago when Clara was four years old, I had a friend over for coffee one afternoon. I gave Clara some sidewalk chalk to keep her busy while I chatted with my friend. Clara asked what she should draw. I asked her to draw a picture of the capitol (she did), then Daddy’s […]

December 24

The other night at our life group dinner, we were swapping stories of church Christmas programs past. Every year we hope that there are at least a couple of nose pickers, wavers, belly-showers, and neighbor-pokers, even if they are our own. Beyond the sheer cuteness, though, it always is something special to hear the stories […]

December 18

A toast to all of our Life Group being able to gather to laugh and eat really good food and celebrate Christmas together. There was something in each of these families’ day or week that could have prevented them from being able to join us, but we all made it, and I’m ever so thankful […]

December 9

This morning before Bible study Clara needed a little extra time before going to the nursery, so she and I tagged along to the sanctuary to listen to our friends rehearse a song for Sunday. I could tell Clara was digging it because she kept nuzzling closer to me and every few seconds she would […]

December 8

My friend’s sweet daughter remembering to thank God for this egg prepared by her mama. Her prayer was completely unprompted and, as far as she knew, unseen. We couldn’t hear the words she whispered, but she was so sincere — a quiet moment, a holy moment. This time of year, even more than usual, my […]

December 4

The boys will be making their film debut as part of Redeemer’s Christmas program this year. I can tell just from the bit that I saw that the production value will be high and the cute factor will be heart-melting, knee-buckling, and definitely shard-producing. I so love being part of a community that values creativity, […]


My intention each week is to post these pictures in simple sets of seven. More often than not, I get behind in posting, and this installment to the 365 project is no exception. What strikes me particularly this week (or this 11 days, I guess) is the balance between what I can capture with these […]

I’m Not Really Here to Worship (Or So I Thought)

I woke up Sunday nervous and weary. I quietly dressed and made myself breakfast and then headed out from my parents’ house, where the kids and I were spending the weekend, just as the sun was starting to turn everything pink and yellow. I was nervous because I’m always a bit jittery on the way […]