My intention each week is to post these pictures in simple sets of seven. More often than not, I get behind in posting, and this installment to the 365 project is no exception. What strikes me particularly this week (or this 11 days, I guess) is the balance between what I can capture with these daily shots and what is not represented here, deliberately or not.

I am glad to have a record of the simple joys — Rowan and Ian sweetly sharing Rebecca’s iPod, for example, or Clara sharing a laugh with Papa Carlson — and of the mundane moments like Simon coloring inside the lines. But I am also keenly aware of what is not shown at all or is only hinted at in these pictures — Easter, my trip to the ER and the help we’ve received as a result, a visit from a too-far-away friend, and my dad’s birthday, for example, not to mention the packing and moving stuff I haven’t really mentioned on the blog yet.

Most heavy on my heart, though, is the devastating news that our little friend Priya, fourteen months old and the youngest daughter of my close friends Kacy and Chad, was diagnosed this week with cancer. It is almost too much to bear, and yet we worship and serve a God who is good all the time, and who still performs miracles, which is what we are earnestly asking him to do in Priya’s life and body. It seems odd to drop this news in a post so focused on the everyday, and yet I’m so aware that this is the new stuff of every day for my dear friends. Please do pray for them whenever they come to mind. You can follow Priya’s story on her Caring Bridge site.


Such sweet images, Renae.

aw, Ian looks like he is cheering for Rowan..who looks like a giant :) and love the one of them sleeping in the tent. such good memories <3

I love the tent one, too! Did they sleep there all night? Did it take them forever to all asleep? Are you all going to go camping this summer? :)