The Steiner Family

When Jason was working on the coding so I could have a gallery in this post, he needed some text and typed “I had a wonderful time taking photographs of the Steiner family” five times in a row (or maybe he cut and paste; I don’t know). I was tempted to leave it at that. I did have a wonderful time taking photographs of the Steiner family. Times five. These are dear friends I have known for over a decade, and spending time with them is always a joy.

This year I tagged along as they went to pick out their Christmas tree. It was fun (and hard work) to chase the girls darting from tree to tree (Chad and Kacy occasionally reminding them to let me actually catch them once in a while). I loved seeing the girls’ distinct personalities come out more and more as the late afternoon turned all-too-quickly to dusk.


I LOVE these Renae! So, so fun and beautiful. If I didn’t already know the Steiner’s these would make me want to know them but because I do it just makes me love them all the more.

That family shot is classic and seemingly timeless. Well done, friend! I bet the Steiners are really happy with the images.