The Chois (and a few Moreheads thrown in for good measure)

(So lately I’ve done a few photoshoots, but I also realize how neglectful I’ve been about posting photos for the last year or so. Over the next few weeks, I’ll remedy that situation. Stay tuned.)

Last fall we headed over to Holmes Lake with our dear friends the Chois for a hasty photoshoot. By “we,” I mean I had my kids in tow. By “dear friends” I mean the Chois as a family and as individuals are some of my very favorites in this life. And by “hasty,” I mean after school and (as previously mentioned) without childcare options for my kids, so we had to hustle a bit to avoid meltdown all around.

Normally, I like to post several of my favorite photos, and I guess that’s still true this time. It’s just that my favorites from this shoot include almost as many outtakes as “real” shots (too bright! so many kids! Clara wants to hold the baby).