December 24

The other night at our life group dinner, we were swapping stories of church Christmas programs past. Every year we hope that there are at least a couple of nose pickers, wavers, belly-showers, and neighbor-pokers, even if they are our own. Beyond the sheer cuteness, though, it always is something special to hear the stories […]

December 18

Since the Redeemer Christmas program got frozen out last night, the preschoolers* sang their songs (along with the most darling actions) during the service and the older kids gave their performance right after the service. My favorite line from a Christmas carol (“God and sinners reconciled” from “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing”) was also the […]

December 22

The children’s Christmas program at church is entertaining every time. My parents and my grandma (Wise Nana) came down to see the boys sing and Simon say his line. Simon got to stand by his buddy Josh this year, so he pretty much felt the opposite of the way he did last year. DPP pics […]