December 18

Since the Redeemer Christmas program got frozen out last night, the preschoolers* sang their songs (along with the most darling actions) during the service and the older kids gave their performance right after the service. My favorite line from a Christmas carol (“God and sinners reconciled” from “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing”) was also the […]

December 15

Box of Lies (Jimmy Fallon–style). Is she lying or telling the truth? Who can tell? Life Group Christmas dinner: a night of fabulous food and even better people. And that’s the straight-up truth.

December 4

Today we headed up to Omaha to the Lauritzen Gardens to see the Holiday Poinsettia Show. The gardens are pretty amazing any time of year, but they were extra magical today. And as if it wouldn’t have been fun enough to stroll the beautiful gardens today, we ran into some of our very favorite friends and […]

December 2

Project Help is absolutely one of my favorite things I get to do. I have been sad to miss several of the projects this fall, but I’m so glad I got to participate today: this project felt like a jackpot. We scraped (and steamed) several layers of wallpaper down to the plaster. It surely was […]

Clara’s First Ballet Recital

Clara measures her weeks by Thursdays. Is it Thursday? How many days until Thursday? Okay, so Tuesday, Wednesday, then Thursday? Thursdays are when she has dance class with Joie. We are so thankful for our beloved friend who has built a joyful and loving community, thankful that she pours her giant heart and considerable talents […]

December 22

Car fulla kids ready for Winter Break!

December 19

Book club and cheesecake for breakfast. Saturday morning doesn’t get much better.

December 18

A toast to all of our Life Group being able to gather to laugh and eat really good food and celebrate Christmas together. There was something in each of these families’ day or week that could have prevented them from being able to join us, but we all made it, and I’m ever so thankful […]

December 11

My friend Emily is beautiful and sparkly. This was my view from her dining room chair yesterday after school as she transformed me from a wet-headed, make-up-less, jewelry-less, shoe-ly indecisive, underthings-malfunctioning mess to someone who truly felt beautiful and confident to be my wonderful husband’s plus one at his company’s annual holiday party. I am […]

December 10

This morning Clara and I got to meet our newest friend, Oliver Steiner. What a joy to snuggle this babe while he’s still so fresh to the outside world. Congratulations and blessings to my wonderful friends Chad and Kacy and to all of Ollie’s dear sibs: Piper, Paisley, Poppi, Posie, Priya, and Sam. We celebrate […]