December 11

My friend Emily is beautiful and sparkly. This was my view from her dining room chair yesterday after school as she transformed me from a wet-headed, make-up-less, jewelry-less, shoe-ly indecisive, underthings-malfunctioning mess to someone who truly felt beautiful and confident to be my wonderful husband’s plus one at his company’s annual holiday party. I am […]

December 10

This morning Clara and I got to meet our newest friend, Oliver Steiner. What a joy to snuggle this babe while he’s still so fresh to the outside world. Congratulations and blessings to my wonderful friends Chad and Kacy and to all of Ollie’s dear sibs: Piper, Paisley, Poppi, Posie, Priya, and Sam. We celebrate […]

December 9

This morning before Bible study Clara needed a little extra time before going to the nursery, so she and I tagged along to the sanctuary to listen to our friends rehearse a song for Sunday. I could tell Clara was digging it because she kept nuzzling closer to me and every few seconds she would […]

December 4

Our church’s children put on one seriously great Christmas pageant tonight.* Last night was the dress rehearsal, and I think I got most of my tears out then. Not all, though. Advent never fails to capture my imagination, and pair it with kids that I love, it’s almost too much. Put those kids in costume […]

December 3

Clara’s favorite thing by far these days is dance class. Dance class is on Thursday mornings, but Clara begins each day (with very few exceptions) asking, “What day is today? Is today Thoorsday? How many more days until I have dance class?” Today marked the last day in a session, so these precious three- and […]


It’s overexposed and blurry, but I still love this image (actually, that’s probably a big part of the reason why I love this image). And I love this family (another big part). In a few days, I’ll share lots more photos of a quick adventure to the apple orchard on a practically perfect fall evening.


I was thrilled when Molly’s mom asked if I would consider taking Molly’s senior pictures. And it was such a pleasure to get to know Molly (and a little bit of Lincoln) on a beautiful spring day. A few months later, I still smile whenever I think of Molly’s beautiful smile, sly sense of humor, […]


This sweet girl belongs to our friends the Ouradas.

Orchard Morning

A friend of a friend of my friend Kacy invited us (well, by way of inviting her friends’ friends) to come out to her beautiful orchard. Confused? Let’s just say, Clara and I felt so lucky to be able to spend a lovely and fun almost-fall morning with Kacy, Sam, and Priya picking apples and […]


I honestly don’t know what I love more: Project Help or Project Help brunch. I do know any Saturday that begins with coffee, a beautiful table, a delicious brunch, and, most important, dear friends is a true gift.