December 4

Our church’s children put on one seriously great Christmas pageant tonight.* Last night was the dress rehearsal, and I think I got most of my tears out then. Not all, though. Advent never fails to capture my imagination, and pair it with kids that I love, it’s almost too much. Put those kids in costume […]

December 3

Clara’s favorite thing by far these days is dance class. Dance class is on Thursday mornings, but Clara begins each day (with very few exceptions) asking, “What day is today? Is today Thoorsday? How many more days until I have dance class?” Today marked the last day in a session, so these precious three- and […]

December 2

Our Christmas tree fell right over yesterday. A loud crash, water and pine needles everywhere, and a few broken ornaments (including Ian’s faaaaaaavorite), but no one was hurt. And even better no one yelled or snapped at anyone else in the chaos of putting it all right again. We’re taking it a little slower this […]

December 1

December is a ninja–sneaky, sneaky last month of the year snuck right up on me. And December means it’s time for the December Photo Project, one photo a day for the first twenty-five days of the month. One of the traditions we started a couple of years ago is wrapping twenty-five winter or Christmas books […]


It’s overexposed and blurry, but I still love this image (actually, that’s probably a big part of the reason why I love this image). And I love this family (another big part). In a few days, I’ll share lots more photos of a quick adventure to the apple orchard on a practically perfect fall evening.


I was thrilled when Molly’s mom asked if I would consider taking Molly’s senior pictures. And it was such a pleasure to get to know Molly (and a little bit of Lincoln) on a beautiful spring day. A few months later, I still smile whenever I think of Molly’s beautiful smile, sly sense of humor, […]

Soccer Field

Not a Flower


We took a tour of Robinette FarmsĀ and had such a good time and learned so much. We also came home with tomatoes that we ate like candy, a yellow watermelon, beautiful red peppers, and “funny” eggs (in various colors and shapes).

Birds on a Wire