December 6

You know that really good advice to clean up your space before you start baking? Yeah, I didn’t do that at all today. In fact, I baked on top of a mess and then cooked two meals (one for us and one for a friend) over the top of that mess. When the kids got home from school, it was chaotic. Normally, adding the crazy on top of the mess on top of the mess on top of the mess would have been about three levels too deep for my patience, but today something different happened: I was listening to a playlist of Christmas music (made by my BFF the Lazy Genius); the kids came into the kitchen and had a spontaneous dance party that absolutely delighted me. It was such a small moment infused with a disproportionate amount of beauty. (And lest you think it’s all patience and delight and dance parties over here, they’ve moved on to using the belts of their bathrobes as tails and are playing cats; guess how I feel about that.)