Simon at 6

What is your favorite color? Red Who is your best friend? Owen and River and Josh and Isaac What do you want to be when you grow up? Website designer What is your favorite animal?┬áCheetah What is your favorite book? Dangerous Cats What do you like to do with your family? Snuggle What do you […]


Looking back through these photos, it seems impossible that all this has happened in just one month: We rang in the new year; we enjoyed visits to and from friends and family; we had a flood in our basement (a frozen pipe burst); we welcomed our precious niece/cousin, London Lucille Adams, and visited her a […]

Champagne Breakfast 2014

I got a text this evening from a friend saying, “This morning was so good. It blessed my tender, tears-at-the-ready soul.” She was referring to Champagne Breakfast, and though the words are hers, I am shamelessly stealing them because they speak my heart as well. Brunch on New Year’s Day with a handful of friends […]


This year I’m going to try something different and post my dailies just once a month (instead of random intervals of 5, 10, 21 days). Most of these you’ve seen as a part of the DPP, but there are a few new ones at the end. December was such a fun month this year with […]

Stars to Greet the New Year

I think this may be my favorite project ever, partly because it turned out almost exactly as I pictured it, but mostly because it was a true collaboration with the whole family. Ian in particular likes to watch the spinning stars and ask, “Who made this one?” I can sometimes tell, and sometimes not. The […]