Clara’s First Ballet Recital

Clara measures her weeks by Thursdays. Is it Thursday? How many days until Thursday? Okay, so Tuesday, Wednesday, then Thursday? Thursdays are when she has dance class with Joie. We are so thankful for our beloved friend who has built a joyful and loving community, thankful that she pours her giant heart and considerable talents into teaching our kids to love dancing, thankful for the friendships that have been formed, the discipline and skills that have been learned, and the fun that has been had.

Last week the students put on such a creative and sweet recital, The Runaway Bunny: A Ballet from Studio 139. I realize that some of these pictures are less than perfectly sharp: that’s okay, I’m just going to go ahead and claim partial/total blindness from the stunning cuteness. Seriously. Good grief, too much. And, although the shards brought me to my knees, my favorite part was still the reverence. Traditionally, the reverence is the last ballet exercise of the class and is directed toward the teacher to pay respect; at Studio 139, the reverence is directed toward God to honor him.


Oy, be still my heart!! Thank you for sharing these, Renae. You did that just for me, didn’t you? ;) So many of those girls I love growing up so beautifully!
Sarah M

Thank you, Sarah! They really are, aren’t they? And, yes, so many girls I love too. :)