After Church




I honestly don’t know what I love more: Project Help or Project Help brunch. I do know any Saturday that begins with coffee, a beautiful table, a delicious brunch, and, most important, dear friends is a true gift.



Last night we went to the UNL marching band’s band camp exhibition.  Ian and I were looking through photos this morning, and when we came to this one he asked, “Why does the whole marching band look blurry? They didn’t look blurry to me when we were there.”

Bike Repair


Tonight we had a lot of preparation relative to our short family bike ride. Next time we will remember to pump up the tires on the bike trailer. I know I’m out of shape, but literally dragging a thirty-plus-pound preschooler in around the neighborhood was more of a workout than I was prepared for. Thankfully, we figured out the problem, and Jason rode back home to fetch the pump. The ride home was considerably more pleasant.

Chihuly Detail


Each time I go to the Joslyn, I am delighted by and fascinated with the Chihuly–a floor-to-ceiling (or ceiling-to-floor?) sculpture of blown glass.



Rosemary after the Rain




Yesterday, our church joined with our two sister churches for a worship service on the Union College campus. It was a sweet time of worship and so great to greet (or at least glimpse) many old friends.

Spray Park




One of these days I’m going to write about the new rhythm of my days with boys in school and Clara with me. Here’s a little preview: she tends to the slowpoke side of things, and I have some time to play with the camera. This guy is Gonzo, a panther chameleon at the Lincoln Children’s Zoo. I probably could have watched him for hours.