December 23


We did our family Christmas Eve traditions on Christmas Eve Eve this year. Tempura (and to make it all the more special, Auntie Brook joined us this year), new jammies for all, and sleeping under the Christmas tree.

December 22


This one missed the holiday singalong at school to get two cavities filled. Double whammy! But he did get to watch ESPN, so I think he was okay with it.

December 21


Taking in the sunset with my favorites on the shortest day of the year.

December 20


The boys are working on a gift for their cousin Colton (an outline of a truck that he can make string art on). It’s not totally perfect but  because it is made with love.

December 19


I was thinking this morning as I snapped this photo that it would be very similar to another DPP pic from a past year. Indeed it is. Although our time together was too short (it always is), I was fully aware of what a privilege it is to sit across a beautiful sunlit table from this gentle, creative soul for any bunch of minutes we can string together.

December 18


Since the Redeemer Christmas program got frozen out last night, the preschoolers* sang their songs (along with the most darling actions) during the service and the older kids gave their performance right after the service. My favorite line from a Christmas carol (“God and sinners reconciled” from “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing”) was also the line with my favorite action. You’ll have to ask Clara about it when you see her.

* Sadly, I didn’t have a wide angle lens, and two of the cuties got cropped out of this photo.

December 17


I love my book club so much that I would have braved roads much worse than this morning’s to attend. But even so, defying Lincoln’s little icy blast to hang out with friends was a satisfying way to start the weekend. We read Little Women this month (my first time), and we were charmed by the beautiful editions of the book.

December 16


After Jason endured an icy commute home on treacherous Lincoln roads, he turned right around and embarked on what would prove to be another harrowing journey. He suffered a snake bite and the loss of every member of his party (dysentery, scarlet fever, exhaustion) and several hardworking oxen, but he made it to Oregon after all.

December 15


Box of Lies (Jimmy Fallon–style). Is she lying or telling the truth? Who can tell?

Life Group Christmas dinner: a night of fabulous food and even better people. And that’s the straight-up truth.

December 14


After an embarrassingly long hiatus in which I not only forgot my password but also totally lost any sense of how to log in, I actually posted at Needs More Butter today! It felt especially good to create a healthful, warming, nourishing dish on this cold (so cold!!) day. This is a good one, you might want to make it yourself.