December 14

This is gonna be epic!

December 13

I am all kinds of behind the ball this year. We’re just rolling with it. I didn’t get the saffron buns made in time for a morning celebration of St. Lucia’s Day, so Clara helped me make them after school.

December 12

So, yeah, it didn’t stay this quiet. At all. 😝 (I’m fine with that.)

December 11

A couple of years ago Ian made a list of all the things he wants to be for Halloween for the next fifteen years (he hasn’t stuck to the schedule, but he does revise it every year to plan several years out). I feel like I should do the same for themes for my DPP shots (not that I have a theme this year, but every year I think I will next year). One of those plans for a future year would be to do twenty-five daily shots of utterly mundane things. So many special and extraordinary things happen in this month of waiting and celebrations, and so often I purpose to catch the most memorable or out-of-the-ordinary thing that happens each day. But also, even in this season of wonder and delight, the fuel light still comes on in the carpool line, and, well DPPers gotta DPP.

December 10

An epic pre-dinner battle.

December 9

A few years ago when Clara was four years old, I had a friend over for coffee one afternoon. I gave Clara some sidewalk chalk to keep her busy while I chatted with my friend. Clara asked what she should draw. I asked her to draw a picture of the capitol (she did), then Daddy’s work (she did, and she even used a color that was very close to the color of his office building). Then I asked her to draw a picture of Redeemer (our church). When I looked at what she had drawn, I was amazed: she had not drawn a building but had instead drawn people.

I think of this story often, and I thought of it this morning as we walked into our church building. Although I do adore this old building that was given to us in exchange for just one dollar, the church is its people–and it is so deeply good to be with them.

December 8

Book club mornings are some of my favorite mornings–because books, but even more so because book club friends are some of my favorite people.

December 7

It’s Friday, and it’s been a rather long week. We all needed a little fresh air after school, so we headed out to Holmes Lake to throw some ice on the ice.

December 6

You know that really good advice to clean up your space before you start baking? Yeah, I didn’t do that at all today. In fact, I baked on top of a mess and then cooked two meals (one for us and one for a friend) over the top of that mess. When the kids got home from school, it was chaotic. Normally, adding the crazy on top of the mess on top of the mess on top of the mess would have been about three levels too deep for my patience, but today something different happened: I was listening to a playlist of Christmas music (made by my BFF the Lazy Genius); the kids came into the kitchen and had a spontaneous dance party that absolutely delighted me. It was such a small moment infused with a disproportionate amount of beauty. (And lest you think it’s all patience and delight and dance parties over here, they’ve moved on to using the belts of their bathrobes as tails and are playing cats; guess how I feel about that.)

December 5

If I were to make a Venn diagram of my kids and the choices they made without asking me this morning, the circles would overlap for Ian and Clara reading books and for Clara and Simon eating cookies for breakfast. And I think all of that is nothing but winning: Ian, Clara, Simon? Win! Win! Win! Reading books on their own? Win! Eating cookies for breakfast? Yeah, that too: Win! Mornings can be so, so hard, and we’ve tried to implement a few things to make mornings easier for now: not picking fights about breakfast, hot lunch for everybody, and teaching Simon to brew coffee are my current faves.