Missing Wise Nana

My very earliest memory is of my Grandma Carlson. I must have been three or four–about Clara’s age now–and we must have been having some kind of summer party and I must have fallen and scraped my knee and someone (quite possibly Grandma herself) must have carried me inside because the first thing I can […]

Places We Go: Spring Creek Prairie

Last week we took advantage of the too-cool-to-swim Lincoln temperatures (and free admission on Tuesdays) to venture out to one of our favorite places, the┬áSpring Creek Prairie Audubon Center. We brought a picnic and then spent an hour and a half or so exploring a tiny bit of the 850 acres of tall grass prairie. […]


  A week or so ago, I got a text from my friend Jen: “Cherries ripe for little cherry pickers!” We headed out that very morning and picked what ended up being about six cups of pitted cherries. Maybe that doesn’t sound like so much, but believe me, that’s a lot of cherries for little […]

This Girl

It’s been one of those nights when looking through old pictures of the kids makes me want to go and wake them up long after they’ve gone to bed and squeeze them tight. This one’s from almost exactly a year ago.