December 20

The boys are working on a gift for their cousin Colton (an outline of a truck that he can make string art on). It’s not totally perfect but ┬ábecause it is made with love.

December 11

And now we’ve entered a new season and a new sport. Today was Simon’s first basketball game. I love to watch him play, of course, and I also so enjoy the camaraderie of the parents cheering the kids on. Today we were surrounded mostly by fans for our team, but there was one woman behind […]

December 9

December 6

The days are dark early and getting colder, but Ian still puts on his “football uniform” every chance he gets. I’m thankful the boys want to get out and seize every last bit of daylight, and I’m okay with putting homework off a little longer so they can run some plays together.

December 3

First snow photography good news and bad news: the bad news is that, no, Simon was not overcome by the magic of the first snowfall, and he did not spontaneously try to catch snowflakes on his tongue. The good news is that he will still humor his mom and pretend to be overcome by the […]

December 24

We awoke to a winter wonderland this morning. I hadn’t even considered the possibility of a white Christmas. What a treat! The kids had an absolute blast playing in the snow–jumping, making snow angels (not Clara’s favorite), catching snowflakes (Simon and Ian both posed for the camera, but Clara did it on her own without […]

December 23

Usually we do new jammies, a ride to look at the Christmas lights, and a special meal of tempura on Christmas Eve, but this year we opted for a saner option and did those three things on Christmas Eve Eve (don’t worry, we have plenty of traditions to carry us through tomorrow as well). After […]

December 21

Then he got an idea! An awful idea! Simon got a wonderful, awful idea!

December 5

If you’ve never played Uno with Simon, you have no idea how intense the game can be. Who even knows what he is celebrating here. He still has two cards, so it’s not Uno.

December 1

December is a ninja–sneaky, sneaky last month of the year snuck right up on me. And December means it’s time for the December Photo Project, one photo a day for the first twenty-five days of the month. One of the traditions we started a couple of years ago is wrapping twenty-five winter or Christmas books […]