Places We Go: The Bakery on 11th & G

I’m not sure it’s quite accurate to call the fabulous little panadería on the corner of 11th and G a place we go. It’s a place we’ve been meaning to check out for a while, a place we finally did go, and a place we definitely plan to make of habit of.

A week or so ago, on one of the unseasonably warm days, Jojo called and asked if the kids and I would like to walk with her and Davy to get a pastry. Although I had underestimated the snow (or possibly overestimated my stroller’s capabilities in said snow), the walk from our house was almost disappointingly short.  That is to say, I enjoyed it. In truth, though, five blocks one way is probably about right for a five-year-old and a particularly pokey three-year-old.

I don’t know if the place has a particular name, but you’ll know you’re there when you smell the fresh bread and goodies from a half block or so away. Most of the goods are about $0.50. The staff was friendly and spoke to me almost entirely in Spanish. Ian ended up with the favorite pick of the day — a chocolate-filled croissant-like number — but Simon liked his chocolate chip cookie too. I’ve heard good things about the cheese and jalapeño rolls as well.

We rounded out the walk with a stop at the snow-covered playground at Cooper Park, of course.



Love that place! Maybe next time I’m there you can snap a cute pic of me and a pastry!

such good memories! jake i believe was the first to introduce us to the panadería. matt i especially loved the cream cheese and jalepeno filled rolls. thanks for the lovely pictures. made me smile to see the old neighborhood.

I like the shot of the boys eating treats on the sidewalk. Looks like you just happened upon such cuteness on 11th Street. (Which totally helps balance the non-cuteness that occurs on 11 Street. Just sayin’.)