A Day in the Life: 12.12.12

As I was uploading the pictures for this entry (one for each hour I’ve been awake today, taken sometime within the hour but not necessarily on the o’clock), I realized that most of them are blurry. That’s so fitting for how today has felt to me: I have a head cold, and I was always a half-step or so behind, getting the general idea but missing some of the sharpness.

7 am: This one was actually taken at about 7:58. We were awake before 8, but just barely.

7 am

8 am: Cinnamon rolls and bananas for breakfast. Everyone is happy! Although Ian does look a little zoned out here. Remember, we just woke up.


9 am: Ian heads downstairs to play with his buddies . . .


10 am: . . . while I enjoy coffee and a book study with my friends — consistently some of my favorite ninety minutes every week.


11 am: We collected Simon from preschool at 11:30,


12 pm: and headed to Runza to pick up a few Italian Runzas for Jason, who has a well-known love for them. He got to introduce Clara to her first one today.


1 pm: Then we headed home, and Clara, belly full of Runza and a bottle, settled down for her nap.


2 pm: I snuck in a bit of time to work on editing photos (I guess we’ll consider this the preview of a fun photo shoot with the always-delightful Steiners).


3 pm: The boys played a game they called Punch Tiger. It had something to do with throwing balls into the air and yelling and running. I don’t know. It didn’t wake Clara up, nobody was hurt, and nothing was broken, so, you know, it was okay with me.


4 pm: I love it when the kids play together. Simon was pretending to crack eggs — to make gas for the fire engine, of course — and the littles were helping, as they do.


5 pm: Okay, okay. I really wanted to be dishonest and switch the library pic (see below) with this one. That was the original plan, after all. But the reality is that I was at the end of my rope, and I went to pick Jason up first (at the very tail end of the 5 pm hour) and went to the library second (at the very beginning of the 6 pm hour). There. Truth in blogging.


6 pm: The boys were asleep by the time I ran into the library, which is probably why they are still awake now. Boo.


7 pm: The third or fourth thing he had to check while I was trying to put Clara down.


8 pm: Not settling down. Not at all.


9 pm: Off to bed . . .


10 pm: Drat! I wanted to be asleep by now. I almost am.

Photo 3


This is awesome. The best parts are your picture at the end (we all know exactly how you feel) and the revelation that Italian Runzas are back???!!!!! This is BIG!

I love that you did this again, and that you did so many awesome things today, and that you did it all while sick, with three kids. You’re an inspiration.