Pioneers Park Hike

On a beautiful late September day, Simon was out of school for the day (I forget the occasion), and my friend Maralee wondered if we would like to join her and her kiddos for a hike at Pioneers Park. Of course we would! What could be better? The kids (so many all together!) threw rocks (hopefully not at the geese), raced, braved the wibbly, wobbly shake-shake bridge (bonus points for knowing the reference), played pirates, and had who knows what other adventures (seriously, don’t the babies look like they are plotting something?) while Maralee and I enjoyed the warm-ish day and were grateful for adult conversation. (I do notice now that Clara not only has no shoes but also has only one sock. I didn’t then. Mother of the year, folks; get to nominating me.)

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This park holds a dear place in my heart. I love seeing so many kids (and their adults) enjoying it throughout the seasons. :)
Sarah M