December 13


Why thank you, St. Lucia.

I’m not really her, Mommy. I’m just dressed like her.

December 12


Today I made doll clothes, bone broth, and dinner. Don’t be too impressed. I had help.

December 11


And now we’ve entered a new season and a new sport. Today was Simon’s first basketball game. I love to watch him play, of course, and I also so enjoy the camaraderie of the parents cheering the kids on. Today we were surrounded mostly by fans for our team, but there was one woman behind me who got stuck without any blue fans near. She talked with Ian for a bit, and he pointed out that we were cheering for different teams. She kindly said, “Well, I’m cheering for the blue team because my son is on the blue team, but I’ll cheer a little when your brother’s team does well too.”  I don’t know which one was her kid, but I sure am a fan of hers.

December 10


It was a read a book, plug in the electric blanket, build a fire in the fireplace kind of day.

December 9


December 8


Today my mom and Clara and I did a little Christmas shopping, and we visited a favorite local used bookstore. I was surprised by how refreshed and energized I was just being around so many possibilities (of course, also it is also a little paralyzing). I ended up with two gifts and high hopes to go back within the week to spend and hour or three.

December 7


When we are waiting for the boys in the carpool line, Clara likes to take my order. It’s really quite a place–she’s got about anything you can think of on the menu, served up with a smile and a “Sure! Comin’ right up!” Today I chose seven tacos because apparently the contraption she’s looking at is a taco smasher–and also, mmmm, tacos.

December 6


The days are dark early and getting colder, but Ian still puts on his “football uniform” every chance he gets. I’m thankful the boys want to get out and seize every last bit of daylight, and I’m okay with putting homework off a little longer so they can run some plays together.

December 5


Clara: Mommy! Can I sort all these buttons into colors?

Me: Sure, babe. Go for it.

[A few minutes later]

Clara: I’m going to sort them by shapes instead.

[A beat]

Clara: So mostly circles.

[A moment later]

Clara: Did you get all [the pictures] you need? Cause I’m just going to put these back in the jar.

December 4


Today we headed up to Omaha to the Lauritzen Gardens to see the Holiday Poinsettia Show. The gardens are pretty amazing any time of year, but they were extra magical today. And as if it wouldn’t have been fun enough to stroll the beautiful gardens today, we ran into some of our very favorite friends and got to spend the afternoon with them. Poinsettias! Lights! Trains! Fish! Bananas! Friends! It doesn’t get much better.