December 2

A 60-degree day in Lincoln was perfect for taking an afternoon walk. We headed out to Pioneers Park and spent some time in the Butterfly Garden. Ian made several attempts to lift this log and each time fell down laughing.

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Love his squishy nose! And is it bad that my first thought was about what a pain it will be to get that green stain out of his sleeve. . . and then I realized that isn’t my laundry :)
Hey, what’s the “walk a little differently” reference? I am WAY not cool enough to get it.

I have been thinking about the stain all day. Happily, my mom is coming tomorrow, and she’s a laundry whiz.

The blog title is from a Simon quote (you can find it on the About Me page here).

This is so cute! And I really like Jason’s shot of you getting the shot. Sweetness.

Love that face’