December 9

This morning before Bible study Clara needed a little extra time before going to the nursery, so she and I tagged along to the sanctuary to listen to our friends rehearse a song for Sunday. I could tell Clara was digging it because she kept nuzzling closer to me and every few seconds she would turn her face to me and squinch up her eyes, smiling with all of her face except her mouth. This is what she does when she super loves something.

The song–words written three centuries ago by Isaac Watts, the most desperately beautiful music written by my friend Chris, and sung so lovely by my friends Tara, Maralee, and Rebecca–has resonated through my spirit all day long.

There is a land of pure delight, where saints immortal reign,
Infinite day excludes the night, and pleasures banish pain.

Singing glory! Glory! Glory to God on high!

There everlasting spring abides, and never-with’ring flow’rs:
Death, like a narrow sea, divides this heav’nly land from ours.

Singing glory! Glory! Glory to God on high!

O could we make our doubts remove, those gloomy thoughts that rise,
And see the Canaan that we love with unbeclouded eyes!

Singing glory! Glory! Glory to God on high!

Perhaps more accurately I could say the music has ached through my spirit all day long. Today in particular has been a day of heart-full waiting: heart heavy and heart full of joy. We were waiting for my dad to come out of surgery (he’s doing well!); waiting as my dear friend’s beloved father-in-law is in critical condition, his life hanging in the balance and we don’t know what will happen; waiting for the birth of a precious baby boy (he’s safely here!); waiting as another friend remains on bed rest in the hospital, hoping to wait a few weeks longer to deliver her baby boys; waiting, always waiting in this season of Advent, longing for our savior to come and make all things new. Come, Lord Jesus, we are waiting for you.



So true, so well said. Your words bring tears to my eyes. Come, Lord Jesus, come.

& yet, He’s here!
To see us thru it all! Always blessings in good & bad.
What grace!