December 16

After Jason endured an icy commute home on treacherous Lincoln roads, he turned right around and embarked on what would prove to be another harrowing journey. He suffered a snake bite and the loss of every member of his party (dysentery, scarlet fever, exhaustion) and several hardworking oxen, but he made it to Oregon after […]

December 15

Box of Lies (Jimmy Fallon–style). Is she lying or telling the truth? Who can tell? Life Group Christmas dinner: a night of fabulous food and even better people. And that’s the straight-up truth.

December 14

After an embarrassingly long hiatus in which I not only forgot my password but also totally lost any sense of how to log in, I actually posted at Needs More Butter today! It felt especially good to create a healthful, warming, nourishing dish on this cold (so cold!!) day. This is a good one, you […]

December 13

Why thank you, St. Lucia. I’m not really her, Mommy. I’m just dressed like her.

December 12

Today I made doll clothes, bone broth, and dinner. Don’t be too impressed. I had help.

December 11

And now we’ve entered a new season and a new sport. Today was Simon’s first basketball game. I love to watch him play, of course, and I also so enjoy the camaraderie of the parents cheering the kids on. Today we were surrounded mostly by fans for our team, but there was one woman behind […]

December 10

It was a read a book, plug in the electric blanket, build a fire in the fireplace kind of day.

December 9

December 8

Today my mom and Clara and I did a little Christmas shopping, and we visited a favorite local used bookstore. I was surprised by how refreshed and energized I was just being around so many possibilities (of course, also it is also a little paralyzing). I ended up with two gifts and high hopes to […]

December 7

When we are waiting for the boys in the carpool line, Clara likes to take my order. It’s really quite a place–she’s got about anything you can think of on the menu, served up with a smile and a “Sure! Comin’ right up!” Today I chose seven tacos because apparently the contraption she’s looking at […]