Mornin’, Holmes

This series started out rather by accident, or at least it started out not at all as a “project.” I have really been enjoying myself, though. The key for me has been the marrying of something I don’t naturally love (daily exercise) with something that I do (photography), and these days, I am actually enjoying these two in almost equal parts.

A friend asked me if I found it difficult to come up with something fresh each day. It is, and it isn’t. Some days a shot is obvious, and some days it takes a lot of creative thinking to come up with anything usable at all. More than anything, I’ve┬ánoticed that it’s important to take a shot when I see it, not necessarily “save” it for another day. I have a couple ideas that I have been putting off for a day when “light doesn’t matter.” But it occurs to me that, really, photography is all about light. Light always matters. Also, not falling into the lake matters.


Haha! Oh boy, that last sentence. How I love you, Renae!

You know how I feel about these pictures. Carry on.

Marilyn Strahm · July 1, 2013, 9:17am

Love these photos!! =) Just gorgeous – by all means, “don’t fall into the lake”!! Doesn’t look that good to swim in – just love the pics though!!