Cloud Collecting

A car conversation earlier today:

Me: Seriously, I just can’t get over the clouds today. They are incredible.

Simon: I call them “weaving clouds” because look how they go together. I put them in my cloud collection.

Me: Where do you keep your cloud collection, buddy?*

Simon: In my brain! Where else? I also call it my nugget.

* I recognized the idea of a cloud collection from a delightful new series we found on PBS KidsĀ  called Plum Landing (we watch on the Roku, but it’s also available online). One of the characters keeps his cloud collection on his phone. I was so happy that Simon picked up the idea that I pulled over to Holmes Lake to let the boys use my camera to save some of their clouds, and later we laid a blanket out in the back yard to do some cloud watching.

Later in the day when we were in the car again:

Simon: Look! That cloud looks like a geyser.

Ian: You should put that in your nugget.

These photos are taken by the boys. Enjoy a peek into their nuggets.


Marilyn Strahm · May 31, 2014, 10:08am

Love to follow your blog. Always amazing the way kids think. You tend to forget over a lifetime – but they are amazing. Your kids aren’t the only ones that collect pictures for their mind. I treasure sun sets!! Keep them on my phone camera and review them often!! Keep them in my nugget I guess!! Thanks for sharing these days are “priceless”!!

Ian told me, “I call today’s clouds and yesterday’s clouds ‘roofs’ because they look like roofs over your head.”