April, May, and June Reads

So…it’s been a while. The good news is you didn’t miss much. I have been in a major reading slump–and an even majorer reviewing slump. But I caught up today. The secret, actually, turned out to be taking the number off all my IG posts. I didn’t think I was too invested in the number […]

March Reads

Readingwise, March came in like a lion and went out like a lamb. Or maybe it was the other way around. The point is, I read some really good books at the beginning of the month, but the end of the month has been a bust of several DNFs in a row (not pictured or […]

February Reads

I ended up finishing quite a few books this month (10), but most of my headspace was taken up with The Lazy Genius podcast. I’ve told you about her laundry system, haven’t I? Game. Changer. With the exception of the┬áMarch books, this month was just okay. There were no absolute clunkers start to finish, but […]

January Reads

January was a good reading month. I am trying something a little different to track my reading this year. I have been posting little reviews as I go on my mrsopusreads Instagram account. You can follow along in real time (#mrsopusreads2018) or, of course, wait for the monthly recap here. Either way, I’d love to […]

December Reads

My Name Is Asher Lev, by Chaim Potok. I first read this book about 15 years ago. I remembered only that it was about a Jewish boy trying to reconcile art and his religious beliefs and that I liked it. On this reading, though, I will say that it is easily one of my favorites […]

November Reads

I read a lot this month. A lot. And while I’m glad I got to read as much as I did, this end-of-the-month recap overwhelms me a little. I’m afraid most of what I have this month is the general feeling of “liked it” or “didn’t.” I’m going to try something different next month (and […]

October Reads

Goodbye for Now,┬áby Laurie Frankel. Last month I read another book by this author and knew five or ten pages in that I would be tracking down more. The premise of this one is that Sam, a computer programmer who works for an online dating site, creates an algorithm so effective that the company loses […]

September Reads

Oh, what a month! For those who may not have heard the story, I spent a great majority of my time in September (visiting) in the hospital. A short version is this*: on September 11, a Monday, my dad had a heart catheterization that showed he had 90 percent blockage in his main left artery […]

August Reads

I had such high hopes that the stack of books I snapped a photo of near the beginning of the month would match the list of books I finished this month. Alas, close but not quite. Also, I’m just going to admit that I would rather be reading right now (I am in the middle […]

July Reads

We were out of town for almost half of July, and I got almost zero reading time on any of our adventures. (This reminds me that I should also try and post some pics from said adventures.) Still, with the inclusion of a couple of books that were started earlier and a couple more that […]