December 17

I can’t really explain why I like this photo so much. I think it’s because it feels like home to me (well, I mean it is home, but…)–everyone crowding around to take their turn hanging an ornament on the Jesse Tree (we had several days of catch-up to do). A little crazy. All my favorites […]

December 13

My dad knows how to do a lot of things. My kids think Papa can do anything, and they’re close to right. My favorite was about a year ago when I was sewing a pair of pajamas for Clara, and the top was way too big for her. “Maybe Papa can fix it for me,” […]

December 12

This morning we painted ourselves silly while Jason, in Clara’s words, “painted the basement silly.” My favorite moment (among many good ones) was when Clara not-so-gently reminded me to put the camera down because I had offered to hold her cat still while she painted. I said, “Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot to do my job.” […]

December 8

We (and by “we” I mean everyone, but especially Simon and me) have lately been obsessed with the Great British Baking Show (season 1 is available on Netflix and I’m hoping season 2 will still be available for a while longer on Thoroughly charmed and inspired by the Brits, we tried our hand at a […]

December 5

If you’ve never played Uno with Simon, you have no idea how intense the game can be. Who even knows what he is celebrating here. He still has two cards, so it’s not Uno.

December 1

December is a ninja–sneaky, sneaky last month of the year snuck right up on me. And December means it’s time for the December Photo Project, one photo a day for the first twenty-five days of the month. One of the traditions we started a couple of years ago is wrapping twenty-five winter or Christmas books […]

A Very Avatar Halloween

We have been planning our family Halloween costumes for a long time, and when it all came together, it was more fun than I had even imagined. We are all big fans of the animated television series Avatar: The Last Airbender, and we thought that without a shaved head Simon looks pretty Aang-like; with a shaved head, […]

Bike Repair

Tonight we had a lot of preparation relative to our short family bike ride. Next time we will remember to pump up the tires on the bike trailer. I know I’m out of shape, but literally dragging a thirty-plus-pound preschooler in around the neighborhood was more of a workout than I was prepared for. Thankfully, […]


We spent our last day of summer with dear friends at the Lauritzen Gardens. It was delightful and lovely until the last ten minutes or so when everybody (moms included) hit their limit at the same time–hot and hangry, all of us. My boys were also sorely disappointed to learn that they couldn’t actually keep […]

Missing Wise Nana

My very earliest memory is of my Grandma Carlson. I must have been three or four–about Clara’s age now–and we must have been having some kind of summer party and I must have fallen and scraped my knee and someone (quite possibly Grandma herself) must have carried me inside because the first thing I can […]