The people who have eyes and heads and tummies are humans, but if they walk a little differently, they might be birds. — Simon, age 4

My husband says I am inspired easily and often. That’s true. I also laugh easily and cry even easily-er. I am notoriously bad at telling a story. I like to make lists. I take photos of my three kids almost every day and of other people (and places and things) when I get a chance. I love to travel. I quilt and read and organize with great passion and in bursts of creativity and motivation with long (sometimes years-long) breaks in between kicks. I like cooking better than baking. I am a loyal friend. I love being a wife and mom, and I love most parts of making a home, minus the cleaning. My greatest hope is that my children will love and follow Jesus.

I’m seeking to live more simply, love more fully, know more deeply, pay closer attention, and walk a little differently.